In Conversation with: Children Wing & Youth Work Teams (Melrose Home)

In Conversation with: Children Wing & Youth Work Teams (Melrose Home)

Children’s Aid Society values our team of staff, who are committed to the efficient operation of Melrose Home and to providing quality care and support for our residents.

We got to hear from our some  of our dedicated staff, who shared their thoughts on being a part of the CAS team and journeying with our residents. Thank you for the hard work and contribution!

I strive to help in any way I can to bring a smile to a child’s face. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a happy, smiling child.
– Priya, Unit Leader (Children Wing)

As guidance officers, we devote most of our days to better understanding the nature of the children in the Home. Work can be mentally exhausting as we explore fresh ways to interact with each child. Even so, time just flies by when I am working with the residents. Nothing is more rewarding than coming to work every day to see the little results of the knowledge and skills that I have imparted to the children in our day to day exchanges.
– Samuel, Guidance Officer (Children Wing)

I have always enjoyed working with the youth! I believe every interaction with them matters. Like gardening, with the right amount of water and sunlight, every bud will bloom beautifully in their own way.

– Joel, Senior Youth Worker

Photos: Children Wing Teams, Youth Wing Teams