In Conversation with: Melrose Home Team (Social Care & Admin)

In Conversation with: Melrose Home Team (Social Care & Admin)

Children’s Aid Society values our team of staff, who are committed to serving our residents, clients and community.

We got to hear from our some of our dedicated staff, who shared their thoughts on being a part of the CAS team and journeying with our beneficiaries. Thank you for the hard work and contribution!

‘In my short time at Melrose Home, we have had an eventful journey. I take pride in being part of this team, which strives to work hard together to provide the best possible care for our clients. In our work, we have seen lives of children badly disrupted by adverse experiences and sometimes felt discouraged by lack of improvement in the lives of our clients, but I see my work as planting seeds of change.

It can be through showing alternative ways of engaging people, journeying with our clients in discovering their values, strengths and aspirations or through showing that someone does care. I have also been humbled by the resilience of some of our clients. It makes me more attuned to the strengths of our clients and to draw on these strengths in my work with them.’

– Poh Choo, Social Worker

‘It has been a remarkable journey for me to be able to learn and be involved in Melrose Home and the new Melrose Care centre. It will be great to continue supporting the new Melrose Village project in the near future. As Operations Executive, there is a great
sense of satisfaction seeing our residents enjoy the facilities and that it meets their needs. Making the home a better place for all residents is our priority!’

– Mr Yap, Operations Executive

Photos: Social Care Team, Admin Care Team