In Conversation with: Social Care & Admin Teams (Melrose Home)

In Conversation with: Social Care & Admin Teams (Melrose Home)

Children’s Aid Society values our team of staff, who are committed to the efficient operation of Melrose Home and to providing quality care and support for our residents.

We got to hear from our some  of our dedicated staff, who shared their thoughts on being a part of the CAS team and journeying with our residents. Thank you for the hard work and contribution!

Working in Melrose Home has given me a sense of accomplishment and I have learnt a lot since I started working here. I especially enjoy the residents and staff bonding activities yearly.
– Daljit, Administrative Executive

I believe in making a difference no matter how small in the kids’ lives. The most memorable moments as a social worker have been when the kids write thank you cards or messages to show their appreciation.
– Anuradha, Senior Social Worker

Photos: Admin Team, Social Care Team