Standing in Solidarity with Vulnerable Families

Standing in Solidarity with Vulnerable Families

During this challenging COVID-19 pandemic, Children’s Aid Society is committed to supporting our clients, residents and families as best as we can.

  • Melrose Care‘s clinician team continues to provide counselling and therapy to help individuals and families in need, and support clients using our phone line and virtual communication tools.
  • Melrose Home remains in operation as an essential residential care service to safeguard the welfare of children and youth at high risk of abuse. Our team of staff are on the front-line and engage residents daily. They coordinate our residents’ home-based learning, provide socio-emotional support and ensure residents’ health are prioritised. Art therapy activities are also organised while adhering to safe-distancing practices.

We are facing a difficult financial year with donations on a significant decline. We hope to appeal to the generosity of our community to consider pledging your Solidarity Payouts to help us sustain our programmes and operations.

The donations would greatly help us to tide through this trying period and signify support for our residents, clients and families.

With a donation of $10 & above, you’ll be entitled to a 250% tax deduction.

Thank you very much and take care! #SGUnited#StandinginSolidarity#PayitForward