Children Wing

Residential Care - Children's Wing

The Children Wing provides care and guidance to young residents between 6-12 years old. We strive to provide holistic development for our children with programmes that are purposefully designed to help children develop cognitively, physically, socially and emotionally. We focus on life skills that enable them to handle challenges in life, to be self-aware, to build healthy relationships, to develop resilience and to work as a team.

Interest Groups

Children are encouraged to pursue various interests by participating in Interest Groups championed by our Guidance Staff in the Children Wing. Examples of interest groups formed include Chess, Hip Hop Dance, Acapella and Basketball.

Knowing our Neighbourhood

Our children get to regularly enjoy authentic experiences of visiting wet markets, hawker centres and neighbourhood shops in the heartlands and learn first hand the going-ons in the neighbourhood. Staff seize every teachable moment to impart life-skills like making purchases at the food court or supermarket

Let's Celebrate

Our children learn to respect each other’s diverse cultures through understanding the significance of celebrating major festivities such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali and Christmas.

Care & Compassion

Our Values-In-Action Programme consists of quarterly visits to Lions Befrienders Senior Activity Centre (Clementi Branch), where the children learn to befriend and engage the seniors through bingo sessions and dance performances. Children learned to serve tea and snacks to the seniors and shared goodie bags.

T is for Teamwork

Team bonding activities are organised throughout the year, including workshops and wing bowling competitions to help build rapport and foster a closer bond amongst all. Children are taught to value their team mates and learn that by working together, they can achieve more.

Building Confidence

The children learn some social graces – important skills such as etiquette, deportment, table manners and behavior that will enable them to interact politely and confidently in social situations.