Youth Wing

Residential Care - Youth Wing

The Youth Wing provides care and guidance to youth residents, between 13 to 18 years old, who are enrolled in secondary and tertiary education. Catering to their life stage needs, the guidance staff and the youth workers conduct programmes to help the youths develop socially acceptable values and essential life skills that would enable them to live independently and be responsible members of their community.

Developing Passions through Interest Groups

The youths are encouraged to participate in various interest groups, which allow them to develop in activities that they are passionate about, in a small group setting on a regular basis. Staff members who lead these interest groups also share the same passion and eagerly impart their knowledge and skills to the residents. Examples of interest groups formed include Soccer, Embroidery and Values-in-Action.

Strengthening Minds & Bodies through Holiday Programmes

A wide variety of programmes are organised during the school holidays to strengthen the residents’ minds and bodies and to heighten their awareness of themselves and current social, cultural and environmental issues.  Programmes are thoughtfully planned by the Youth Work team to address developmental needs such as Biological, Psychological, Social & Spiritual/Values in a holistic and balanced way.

Annual Leadership & Bonding Camp

As the hallmark activity to wrap up the year, an annual adventure and leadership camp is planned to help our youths step out of their comfort zones, build character, and forge strong friendships with one another. Over the years, we have organised both local and overseas camps so as to broaden our youths’ exposure and learning.