Melrose Care

Through our new service, Melrose Care, Children’s Aid Society (CAS) strives to play a bigger role in preventive work for vulnerable children, youths and underserved families. Located at Blk 557 Woodlands Drive 53, Melrose Care is a regional centre with specialised therapies such as Art Therapy & Play Therapy as well as psychological assessment & treatment for children, youth and families in need in the community.

Our Team

Our multidisciplinary team of qualified mental health care and social care professionals specialise in working with children, youth, and families.  We work collaboratively with Schools, Pre-schools, FSCs, Clinics & Children’s Homes to advance and make available art and play therapy and psychological services to the most vulnerable in the community.

Our Services

Specialised Therapies for Children & Youths

Through art or play in a safe and supported environment, participants can explore and express emotions and thoughts that had been difficult to verbalise. In the therapeutic process, emotional regulation, prosocial skills and problem-solving skills can be developed, and self-esteem and self- awareness enhanced. Sessions can be customized to include family members as part of filial play therapy.

▸Individual Art Therapy

▸Art Therapy Groupwork

▸Individual Play Therapy

▸Play Therapy Groupwork

▸Filial Play with parents

Family & Parenting Support

Support programmes aim to provide emotional support to individual, couple and families who faced challenges in life events, personal and relationship issues. The focus will primarily be on parent and child relationships in the context of family counselling work.

▸Family Counselling

▸Parenting Groupwork

▸Family-Life Education Talks

▸ParentSkills Lab Workshops

Psychological Services

Psychological testing and assessments are useful to understand behavioural and learning difficulties children and young persons may have. Appropriate psychological treatment and support will help children, youths and families face these challenges.

▸Psychological Testing & Assessments

▸Psychological Therapy for Learning Difficulties