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CNA: Child abuse deaths: Are there gaps in the system?

Steven Chia gets answers on how the system works and why some cases slip through with Soh Ying Si, Deputy Manager at Melrose Home.

CNA: Difficult to identify child abuse when parents ‘actively choose to conceal’ signs: Social workers

CNA speaks to social workers about protecting children who are abused and the fostering process.

The Straits Times: CAS aims to raise $22m to build village for abused kids

CAS aims to hit its $22 million target by 2024 to build Melrose Village, a residential care service and a counselling centre for children and

联合早报: 妙乐村收容所翻新 2200万元筹款总目标仍未达


CNA: Melrose Village for vulnerable children, youth set to be completed by 2026

More facilities for vulnerable youth will be available at the Melrose Village, which is set to be completed by 2026.

CNA Insider: ‘I was at breaking point’: With no family to turn to, leaving children’s home tough for some youths

Nearly 600 children and youths live in residential and youth homes in Singapore. What happens when they must live independently?

The Straits Times: CAS to build village with bigger home for abused kids, second care centre

A safe haven for abused children set up 120 years ago is building a new home and expanding its services for children and families.