Melrose Home

Welcome to Melrose Home.

Melrose Home is a residential home offering round-the-clock care and support to children and youths aged 6 to 21 years old who are facing challenging family circumstances or child protection issues.

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At Melrose Home, we provide a trauma-informed care environment for our children and youths, enabling them to build meaningful relationships and embark on a journey towards healing and growth.

With a compassionate team of case workers, guidance officers, unit leaders, and support staff, we are dedicated to guiding our children and youths on their path to healing, with the goal of reuniting them with their families or reintegrating them into their community.

Every child under our care has endured adverse childhood experiences, leading to unresolved trauma symptoms. Through our specialised care and dedicated programmes, we foster an environment that cultivates their sense of safety and resilience, empowering them to become independent and collaborative individuals.

Melrose Home is more than just a residential facility; we are a stepping stone towards a life filled with hope. Join us as we embrace the journey of healing and transformation together.

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Since 1902


children and youths were cared for in 2022


children and youths were reunited with their families in 2022, with safety achieved at point of discharge


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