Melrose Home

Melrose Home provides a nurturing ‘home away from home’ for vulnerable children and youth coping with adverse family circumstances, family violence, or child neglect issues.  Over the decades of service, the Home has evolved into a Small Group Care residential facility with a Children Wing (residents who are 12 years old and below) and Youth Wing (residents between 13 to 18 years old and enrolled in secondary or tertiary education).

Our mission is to provide the best care and guidance for our residents through a holistic approach, especially in the areas of cognitive, physical, emotional and mental development.  We strive to empower our young charges to be morally upright and contributing members of their families and community.

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In 2019

Programmes Anchored in Values

To complement the Home’s social care initiatives, the Residential Care team provide round-the-clock care and guidance, plan and conduct regular and holiday programmes that are anchored in values relevant to our residents’ life stage needs.

Academic Support

We offer strong academic support through a structured programme, providing study time, customised individual and small group tuition sessions and enrichment activities. E-learning and other learning resources are regularly utilised too.

Fun & Fitness

As the saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Every resident gets to enjoy our outdoor playground and fitness facilities, and playing a variety of sports with friends.

Values in Action

Our residents are encouraged to look beyond their circumstances and learn to care for others around them. We sensitize them to the needs of the elderly and others who may also be less fortunate in the community.

Giving a Voice

Residents participate in ‘Circle Time’ regularly, which encourages them to reflect on their day and openly share feedback on issues that concern them such as dishes they would like in the daily menu or activities they would like to have organized.

Celebrating Successes

We share the joy of success when our residents make significant achievements in their school work and enrichment activities.

Casework & Counselling

Residents in our care are provided individually tailored Care Plans, managed by our Social and Case Workers. Casework interventions, therapeutic services and counselling support, are other important services provided to address the various behavioural, social and emotional needs of our residents.

Access to Art & Play Therapy

To ensure that our residents benefit as much as they can during their stay in Melrose Home, art and play therapies have been made available to those residents with higher needs. Art therapy in both individual and group formats were offered to both children and youths, while play therapy was offered on an individual basis. The art and play therapies complemented the various social work interventions in meeting the needs of our residents holistically and were very well received by the residents.

Family Work & Reintegration

Our Social Care team work alongside families in need to address a multitude of complex issues.  This is done through regular home visits, counselling sessions, and collaborative case conferences with multiple stakeholders.

The aim is to guide and empower families to be more self-sufficient and improve their social circumstances, which would ultimately enable safe re-integration of our residents with their families where they belong.