Youth Wing

Residential Care - Youth Wing

The Youth Wing provides care and guidance to youth residents, between 13 to 18 years old,  who are enrolled in secondary and tertiary education. Besides catering to their life stage needs, the guidance staff and the youth workers also conduct programmes to help the youths develop socially acceptable values and essential life skills that would enable them to live independently and be responsible members of their community.

Interest Groups

A variety of interest groups are available to encourage youth residents to hone their strengths and passions, including jogging, inline skating, and hip-hop dance. Our teen boys formed the jogging club to jog regularly in the evenings, with a membership that has grown to 9 boys. With positive feedback from introductory hip-hop dance lessons, our teen girls are continuing to develop their interests through weekly dance sessions.

Value in Action

In 2018, the Values in Action (VIA) would be organised as an interest group initiative. This is so that youth residents who are deeply passionate and concerned about helping others and caring for the environment can receive more opportunities to develop greater insight and skills in leading, planning and executing service-learning projects. Other youth residents would continue to be involved as participants in at least 2 VIA projects annually.

Year-End Adventure & Leadership Camp

As the hallmark activity to wrap up the year, the annual adventure and leadership camp aims to help our youths step out of their comfort zones, build character, and forge strong friendships. In 2018, the Youth Wing would be organising an inaugural overseas camp to expose our youth residents to neighbouring cultures and realities, and in the process, learn more about themselves and be contented with what they have.