Melrose Home

Melrose Home is a residential home for vulnerable children and youths (6-21 years old) who are experiencing adverse family circumstances or child protection issues. Our team supports residents in their journey of overcoming childhood trauma and building resilience to take on future challenges in life.

Our mission is to provide the best care and guidance for our residents through a holistic approach, especially in the areas of cognitive, physical, emotional and mental development.  We strive to empower our young charges to be morally upright and contributing members of their families and community.

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In 2021

Philosophy of Care in Melrose Home – Development of Trauma-Informed Care environment

At Melrose Home, we recognise the presence of trauma symptoms, acknowledge the role trauma may play in our resident’s lives and understand the pathways they need for recovery. We focus on supporting their recovery and healing from trauma through the provision of resources that would aid their healing (therapy and trauma-informed activities) and the creation of a care environment that would increase the residents’ sense of safety, resilience and capacity to be empowered, independent and collaborative individuals.

Majority of our residents had entered Melrose Home after experiencing a lack of safety and stability in their lives. As such, it is difficult for them to build trusting relationships with their peers and the adults in their lives. We believe that to build trust and safety, residents should have a right to be heard and they have a right to the full information of what is happening to them and their families.

Access to Art & Play Therapy and Counselling

To ensure that our residents benefit as much as they can during their stay in Melrose Home, art therapy, play therapy and counselling have been made available to those residents with higher needs. These therapeutic interventions complemented the various social work interventions in meeting the needs of our residents holistically and are very well received by the residents.

Family Work & Reintegration

Our Social Care team work alongside families schools and community agencies on issues affecting their school work and overall well-being, with the objective of eventually returning them to their families, when their home circumstances have improved.

The aim is to guide and empower families to be more self-sufficient and improve their social circumstances, which would ultimately enable safe re-integration of our residents with their families where they belong, when their home circumstances have improved.

Residential Care

The core function of Melrose Home for the past century has been to provide quality residential care for children and young persons (CYPs) in need. This is usually a temporary arrangement until it is safe for the CYPs to return home to their families. As a result of the abuse they have experienced, all residents struggle with trauma and toxic stress. We ensure safety, security, and support to our residents in a homely setting, whilst ensuring that their needs are met and their interests protected.