Doing Good Through Fun

In 2023, Oatly partnered with CAS for a Barista Art Workshop and Learning Journey. It was an unforgettable day centered around latte art, supply chain exploration, and food science for 30 of our children and youths. 

One of the highlights of the event was the captivating chocolate art latte demonstration by the talented Oatly staff. Under the expert guidance of professionals, our young participants also had an opportunity to delve into the world of emulsion and create their own unique latte art. 

During the learning journey, our children and youths constructed their own self-moving cars. They learnt the importance of planning and organisation by curating a list of items required such as Oatly cartons, balloons and straws. Adding a touch of realism, “Oatly Cash” was created as currency for our children and youths to buy the items required. 

While constructing their self-moving cars, the engineering aspect of it sparked the curiosity of our children and youths. To wrap up the learning journey, our young individuals presented their own self-moving cars, explaining their various features.